Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun in the Sun


This unit will cover basic scientific information about one of the most important things int eh natural world - the Sun. Children learn why the sun in important to all, how we must sometimes protect ourselves from its rays, and its important to life on Earth. In addition, there are fun experiences with recognizing letters and numbers, hearing phonetic sounds and making simple graphs. Talking and learning about the natural world is interesting to children. It builds science knowledge while providing a meaningful context for increasing vocabulary and for learning reading, writing, and math skills. We will be discovering that the sun gives us light and warmth. We will be talking about how we can see the sun in the sky when we go outside. Sometimes the sun is hidden from us by the clouds or trees. We will also be learning that the sun is our daytime star. It is the only star that we can see in the day. We eill be learning about protecting ourselves from the sun by waring sunscreen and hats and by drinking lots of water when we play outside. the sun can be so hot and bright that it can burn us or make us too hot. There will be the discovery that plants need the light form the sun to grow. During the summer the sun spends a long time in the sky and we have long days and short nights. During the winter, the days are short and the nights are long. We will also be talking aobut how the sun moves across the sky, moving from east to west and hiding from us at night.

Our Nemo hanging in the classroom.

Our Sperm Whale hanging in the classroom.

Our Dolphin hanging in the classroom.
Our Star Fish hanging in the classroom.
Our Shark hanging in the classroom.

Sand Toys for our sand pile outside. Books about the sun and what it does for us.More books about the sun and what it does for us.
What our classroom looks like. Our beach bags.
Beach Ball.
Let's go Fishing!
Floor puzzles showing the sun in each season.
Bright flashlights to use with the globe. We help children pretend the flashlight is shining on the earth as the Sun does.
The summer would not be complete without a good BBQ!
We show how to hold the prism in sunlight to create a rainbow.
Stuffed Sea Animals
Real Sea Fossils!
Sea Shells Let's not forget the sunscreen. This bottle it empty and put in the dramtic play so the kids can pretend to put some on.
Sunglasses to shade our eyes.