Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Assessments within our Child Care

Garden of Blessings Child Care uses four different assessment tools within their program to insure quality care within its program. One assessment tool is used to evaluate the business administration of the program. Another assessment tool evaluates the environment that the children and their families are exposed to. The other two assessment toolsfocus on the children themselves and the developmental progress each child has made within the program. These tools ensure that Garden of Blessings Child Care upholds excellent standards that have been proven to be successful through research.

The Business Administration Scale for family child care (BAS) by Teri N. Talen and Paula Jorde Bloom is used to evaluate the quality of business and professional practice of Garden of Blessings program. The BAS focuses on better “communication with parents, financial stability, reduced risk in operating a home business, and compliance with legal requirements.” (Talan, T. 2009) It uses a seven point rating scale that allows Garden of Blessings to measure from inadequate to excellent in the overall quality of the administration part of the business. When emphasis is put on high quality administration approaches families can feel secure knowing that their child’s school will be around to help prepare them for kindergarten.

The Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS) by Thelma Harms, Debby Cryer, and Richard M. Clifford is used to evaluate the environment that Garden of Blessings provides for its provider and their families. Just like BAS the FCCERS uses a seven point rating scale that measures quality. The FCCERS focuses on the “environment, including organization of space, interaction, activities, and schedule” (Harms, T. 2007)for the children along with ‘provisions for parents and providers”. A lot of what a person sees and hears when coming into Garden of Blessings’ program comes from this assessment tool.

The two most important tools used by Garden of Blessings Child Care is High/Scope COR (Child Observation Record) for Infants and Toddlers and High/Scope COR for Preschoolers. The High/Scope COR centers on the learning and development of the early childhood years. “In the High/Scope program children learn through active involvement with people, materials, events and ideas.” (High/Scope 2002) The teacher of Garden of Blessings is also able to decide what to teach, how to teach and when to make changes in teaching based on the assessment of a child by using High/Scope COR. Garden of Blessings shares these outcomes of the assessment with each child’s family. Garden of Blessings values this assessment tool because allows a partnership with each child’s guardians. It is set up to share information about the child with the child’s family to ensure that what is working at school can also be used to work at home and visa versa.

Garden of Blessings strives to be an excellent program as a child care business for its children and their families. Any assessment tool is only as good as the authority behind it that makes sure it is put into practice. With this said Garden of Blessings has allowed itself to participate in the AIM High Program. The AIM High Program comes in annually to evaluate Garden of Blessings program and grades it with a scale of one to five stars. Garden of Blessings also welcomes any inquires from current family or possible future families that they serve.

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