Friday, January 20, 2012

January's Newsletter

Personal Message from Dawn
As most of you know I closed the classroom in August order to take care of the medical needs of our children. I also took the opportunity to go full time at CNM in order to get closer to my goal of getting an AA in Early Education. The time has paid off! Our children are healthier and I finished the semester with three A’s and two B’s. Yea! I am very excited to put into practice what I have learned. Oh how we have missed little ones roaming around the house and look forward to establishing some lasting relationships with the families our Lord provides! 

This Month's Study

As we talk about Community Helpers, and do many play activities, we will learn and practice so many new words that will help us in communicating, reading, and writing throughout our lives. We also will learn a lot about social skills. We will learn that in our community there are people who take care of all the things in our neighborhoods so we can learn, be safe and stay healthy. There are community helpers, such as teachers, doctors, dentists, police officers and firefighters. We will talk about how doctors and dentists help us to stay healthy.  Doctors help us by giving us shots to keep us from getting diseases, or when we feel sick, and they listen to our hears and lungs to make sure they are healthy. Dentists help us by cleaning and fixing our teeth. We will draw about when we went to the doctor or dentist. We will talk about how police officers keep us safe. They can help us find our parents if we are lost. We will learn that if there is an emergency and we need help, we can call the police by dialing “911” on the phone. We will learn that firefighters are who we call if there is a fire. They spray water or chemicals on the fire to put it out. We can call the firefighters by dialing “911” on the phone, just like the police. Firefighters also teach us what to do and how to stay safe if there is a fire. We will learn the mail carriers are community helpers who help us by delivering our mail and bring mail or letters to our homes. Some mail carriers deliver mail in a car while others use a big truck, an airplane or even walk. We will be writing letters to ourselves. We will put our names, addresses and a postage stamp on the envelopes so that it can be mailed.