Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Discovering the Garden

The ground seems so hard and yet every spring for the past 10 years tulips come up underneath the minature peach tree. We put up some Finch Food and Humming Bird Food. The kids can see it from the front window of the classroom. We have not had too many Humming Birds because the Finches keep scaring them away. These are the Mums we planted last year. The kids water them with the watering cans. One of our Rose Bushes is budding. This is our Miniater Peach Tree. The kids like to get underneath it and play. We planted some Basil. This is our pumpkins. The kids are excited to carve pumpkins in the fall. Our Daughter picked out a Pink Trumpet Vine. This will attract the Humming Birds. Our Vegable Garden. We have several differant Tomatoe, Brocolli, Zuchinni, and Lettuce. I took a bingo card and cut it up and put together two posters to place in the classroom. This will inhance their vocabulary.
Our Garden Shop has lots of vegtables for sale.

We have the Telephone, Cash Register, and plenty of bags to open shop.

Lots of costumes to be the Cashier, Clerk, and Customers.

Look at our beutiful flowers for sale. Plenty of seeds and flower pot to build your own garden on sale here at our very own Garden Shop. Do you need some gardening tools to build your garden? Don't forget to grab and basket before you go shopping.

To help the kids reconize letters and 1st steps toward reading, I created picture words. I gave them magnetice letters to duplicate the words on each care. These are various pictures of things we have in the garden.

This is the sign in our Dramatic Play area. The kids spread glue on the inside each of the letters and then put varous seeds and recycled paper on the glue. Do you notice our fireflys.

Garden of Eden Bible Study
One of our Buliton Boards
In the Dinning Room we have collage items for the preschoolers while the babies are sleeping in the classroom
Let's play Bingo!
Can you guess which sees belong to which vegetable?
Let's inspect the Insects and spiders!