Friday, March 4, 2011

Arts & Crafts

Quack Quack!, says the Duck

Pigs in the Mud

Rooster Barn

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Discovering the Farm

This unit is filled with knowledge and information about nature, and people's roles in the production of food. Vocabulary is increased through the use of words within an interesting, meaningful context, such as words for farm vehicles, the various produce grown on farms and an introduciton to some words in Spanish. In addition, recognizing letters, numbers, shapes and introduction to concepts such as counting and sequencing are provided through fun activities.

Preschool skills emphaized in this unit:


  • Reading pictures and symbols

  • Becoming familiar with printed words

  • new vacabulary, such as farm, farmer, vehicles, and names of fruits and vegetables

  • Learning new words in Spanish

  • Repetition of rhyming words


  • Fine motor development through drawing to encourage pre-writing

  • Connecting print with spoken language

  • Sequencing from left to right

  • new words to copy


  • Names of Numbers

  • Counting

  • Ordinal numbers and the relaitionship to counted numbers

  • Sorting things into related groups and arranging things in sequential order

Social Skills

  • Taking responsibilty for our health by eating healthy foods


  • The similarities and differences of animals, such as size, color, sound and other characteristics

  • Names and characteristics of farm animals

  • Planting seeds and plant growth

Riding Horses. When you rub his ear he gallops for you.
Good old reliable "John Deer"

Cowboy/girl Costume
Books of Farm life

Books of Farm Life

Stuffed Animals found on the farm. We use these to sing the "Old McDonald" song. These various materials are used to inhance the children's

Farmer Hats
Tractor with Farm and Farm Animals. The toy plays various animal sounds.
Farm People.
Farm Animals

Puzzles. One of the puzzles makes the sound of the animal with you put the piece of the puzzle in the correct place. Another puzzle had the word of the animal on the inside of the puzzle.

One one side of the 24 piece puzzle is pictures and discription of farming things.

On the other side of this 24 piece puzzles is a picture of a fam.

Magnet Farm scene.

These duck go "Quack Quack" in our water play area.

Play dough toys. The farmer, cow, and chicken grow hair and feathers out of their heads with the play dough. The barn doors have molds of various vegatable found on a farm.

The Horse loves to be feed apples.

The pig loves being feed corn. "Oink Oink!"

The Cow "Moo's" for Hay!