Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Field Trips

There are times of field trips in which all the children would be transported in our 2001 Honda Odyssey. We are licensed and insured. We have 5 point harness car seats for all the children that are custom for newborn up to 100 pounds. Currently our daughter is attending a private kindergarten school which requires us to drive her to school. This means that all the children will be transported in the van between 7:30am to 8:15am and 3:30pm to 4:15pm. Next year both children will be attending the elementary school that is right behind our house which they can walk to.

We do have a weekly field trip to Costco. This gives the children an opportunity to develop social skills, math, and literacy skills. I have strict rules concerning field trip outings. Babies are always fastened within the shopping cart or double stroller and the preschoolers are required to hold onto the shopping cart or double stroller. We are taught “stranger danger” and the importance of sticking together. Once the importance of safety is established the world of learning is opened wide. Past experiences consist of many strangers commenting on how well behaved and happy all the children are in my care. Also, I have had many families express their appreciation in exposing there child to public places which has helped them when they have to do the grocery shopping themselves with their child.

In the summer time we also do a lot of field trips. They have changed through out the years depending on what is important to our families. We always discuss field trip and agree together what those field trips will be. Some examples are:

Botanical Gardens
Monzano Mesa Water Spray Park
ABQ Jump
City Park

Who are We?

Thank you for considering Garden of Blessings Child Care as your home away from home. We are a family home daycare who believes that you can have the best of both worlds. Which consist of personally customized care for each one of our families and academics that focus on kindergarten readiness.

I am working on getting an associates degree in Multi-Cultural Child Development and am considering getting a bachelors degree in teaching elementary school agers. I have been licensed since 2006. I have been studying child development for over a year and specialize in newborn to 5 years old. I started off opening my daycare in order to stay home with my children. It was important to me to have accountability to child care so I decided to get licensed. Since then I have studied and researched all aspects of the business for the sole purpose of bringing top notch care to all the children. I honestly have found that child care is my love and passion.

My husband, Ron, is a trainer for Sprint and works Tuesday thru Saturday. He is a big part of the kids on Mondays. He also fills in for me when I have conferences, training, or dr. appointments. He enjoys kids. He is a professional clown and does clown ministry on at our church. He also teaches 5th and 6th graders in a program called “Caravans” which is a Christian scouting program kind of like girl/boy scouts.

My husband and I have three children of our own. Tristan is 17 years old who loves hanging out with his friends, long boarding, and gaming. Stephen is 7 years old who enjoys acting in the theatrical plays at church, tinkering on his guitar and/or electrical key board but most important to him is his friends. Ruthann is our 5 year old who is discovering school and loving every minute of it. She enjoys arts and crafts of all kinds, playing with her dolls, and dressing up.

We also have Sally who is a two year old grey tabby cat. She loves being with the kids. In fact if the day care is closed for the day and there is not kids around she ends up meowing throughout the house. She is lost without them. She loves gardening with us and brings Mama birds and reptiles in the summer time.

If you decide to bring your child to our child care he/she will be a part of our whole family.

Through out the years I have cared for many different age groups and feel vary confident and am very experienced with children in the ages of newborn to 5 years old. Majority of the children that have attended the child care have started out as newborns and have moved onto kindergarten. This means that we have grown together in our discoveries and have built some lasting relationships between our families.

Although we are licensed for 7 children quality is important to us so we only take on 4 children at any given time.

We are eager to set up an appointment with you. Please contact me, Dawn Davis, at 385-2090