Monday, July 4, 2011

The Jungle

Books about the Jungle.
Stuffed Jungle Animals The Campfire Glow Lantern works two ways. First, light up the base camp with the bright white luminance from the upper dome. Then, flip a switch to activate the warm flickering campfire glow built in the lantern's base. No flames. No heat. Just a comforting illusion - and an excue to gather 'round the old campfire to sing campy songs or tell tales. Pick, brush, or probe. Whether gathering samples of excavating that dig site, up close or in hard to reach spaces, these sturdy tools will handle hundresds of fields tasks. Clipped to the Cargo Vest they stay within reach to snap off - and back on - with single-handed ease. Tough, yet safe, nylon plastic won't wear out. And when your child discover that intersting find, they can signal the rest of the field crew with the hight audible field safety whistle.

The Backyard Safari FIELD UTILITY BELT is Essential Field Gear for every purpose. There's a large Velcro pouch for storage. A sturdy tool holder supports a rock pick hammer or ther solid tools. Two adjustabel d-rings let you clip-on any varity of Essential Field Gear from the Backyard Safari collection. Two Collection bottles let you gather specimens in the field.

There are Thousands of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs in your backyard- catch them live with the Lazer Light Bug Vac! Look at bugs up-close with the built-in magnifying lens.

The 3-IN-1 Compast Tool has features that lead to adventure no matter which way you're headed.

It's rugged, and tough enought for all your outdoor adventures. Pleanty of cargo pockets means lots of space to lead up. Six D-Rings and tow shoulder epaulets let the clip and hang more essential gear. A large zipper pocket stores the trusty binoculars and clear-view chest pocket store the Pop-up Filed Guides. The back of the vest features a one-size fits-all adjustable strap and two extral mesh pockets for storing extra gear.